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The Trails at Lyons Canyon will permanently dedicate 83% of the Project Site as protected open space.

The Trails at Lyons Canyon is a proposed community of new homes, permanent open space and connections to 20+ miles of trails. Perfectly positioned along the I-5 freeway and only a mile away from Valencia Marketplace, The Trails plans to bring 510 attainably priced homes for working professionals, families and individuals. Additionally, the community will include onsite affordable housing for seniors. 

Comparing the 2009 Plan to The Trails


In 2009, large luxury estate homes were approved to be built across 230+ acres. Homes were spread across valleys and canyons with significant fire risks, disturbing sensitive ridgelines and preventing trail expansions due to the development footprint. 

However, in 2015, the County updated the General Plan as part of its efforts to respond to the increasing demand for attainable and affordable homes. The project site was reevaluated and approved to accommodate more housing than the luxury estate housing plan that was approved in 2009.

Comparing the Plans
Proposed Plan

Compared to the old 2009 plan, The Trails at Lyons Canyon will preserve more open space, connect local trail systems and reduce development impact – all while building more homes for middle-income families, professionals and seniors.

The Trails: Proposed Plan

This site plan is intentionally zoomed in to show only the development area which includes 504 new attainably priced homes and affordable age-restricted homes. Please note that the conceptual plan does not show the entirety of the preserved open space proposed through The Trails at Lyons Canyon.

231107 LyonsCanyon-ConceptRevised_L-2.png

83% of the Property Preserved as Open Space

Nearly all of the property preserved as natural (152 AC) & improved open space (42 AC)

616 Acres of Natural Open Space

152 Acres on-site and
465 Acres off-site

20+ Miles of Trails

Connections to over 20 miles of adjacent hiking and nature trails

510 Homes

Including 71 units of on-site affordable housing
Very-low income seniors (55+) and
middle-income working families

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A Better Choice

The Trails at Lyons Canyon: A Better Choice

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